Why Is Garnet Mad At Pearl?

Pearl admits that she was just trying to create an excuse for more opportunities to enjoy the emotional thrill of fusion. Garnet is angry and disgusted by Pearl’s betrayal, and demands that the Communication Hub be destroyed.

Why was Garnet so mad at Pearl?

Garnet is upset that her vision doesn’t show them capturing Peridot. The Crystal Gems are on their way to the hub. The hub seems to be functioning, and Pearl is eager to keep disabling the tower so that she can make sardonyx.

Does Garnet forgive Pearl?

After the events of “Cry for Help”, Garnet and Pearl finally made peace. It wasn’t easy for her to trick her into doing it, but it was enough to make her understand.

Does Garnet love Steven the most?

She doesn’t get mad at Steven unless he disobeys an order like in “Mirror Gem”. Garnet listens to Steven’s ideas in “Cheeseburger Backpack” and “Marble Madness” and has a high level of trust in him.

Is Lapis in love with Peridot?

The relationship wasn’t so much of a friendship as it was of a companion, with Peridot carrying all the emotional weight to the point where she became afraid to talk to Lapis about her feelings.

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Why did Peridot never fuse?

Lapis had an abusive relationship, and as a pair, they don’t need to work together because they are already close.

What happened to White Diamond’s Pearl?

She points out that Pink Diamond is only wanted to be seen by White Diamond. Steven was transported to White by White Pearl, who suddenly enclosed herself with her shell. White Pearl disappears when she phases through a wall.

Is Garnet stronger than Jasper?

Jasper is very similar to Garnet in terms of strength. We don’t have much of Jasper’s abilities, but what we do have is pretty equal. When we put all the pieces together, they are stronger than Jasper.

Does Pearl have a crush on Rose?

Pearl was in love with Rose because of the events of “Lion 3: Straight to Video”, “Rose’s Scabbard”, “Story for Steven”, and “Sworn to the Sword”.

Does Pearl like bismuth?

It is a popular pair. The popularity of this pair grew after the episode “Bismuth Casual” aired.

Were pearl and rose quartz lovers?

In the battle against the Homeworld Gems, Pearl was Rose’s second in command. Their relationship is complicated according to Matt. It was confirmed after the show “We Need to Talk” that Pearl had feelings for Rose.

Does Pearl like Rose?

Steven’s presence is a constant reminder that Rose did not love her like Pearl did. What happened in “Now We’re Only Falling Apart” is not an essay.

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