Why Did Zari And Diamond Break Up?

There is in fidelity. She said that she had to end her relationship with the bongo artist because she couldn’t tolerate his cheating ways. Fans are baying for Diamond’s blood after she posted a message.

Did Diamond and Zari get back together?

Zari and Diamond’s two children – The Standard Entertainment – are not together again.

Is Zari still with diamond?

Zari says Diamond is back in her life because she needs to provide for their two kids.

Where is Zari Hassan now?

Zari the Boss Lady is a Ugandan woman who lives in South Africa and is a businesswoman.

Who is the real wife of Diamond?

The wife of a music star dumps on a day.

How did Zari become rich?

The former leader of the ‘rich Gang’ is said to have begun his career as a Sangoma in a South African shrine. Ivan made a good amount of money from this trade as he invested in schools, students hostels and apartments. Zari got a lot of Ivan’s money.

Is Zari a billionaire?

She wouldn’t come to Ug to charge people to attend her parties if she were a billionaire. Zari has dated many men who are rich. Ivan Ssemwanga was the father of three kids.

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How many kids did Zari have with Diamond?

Six years ago, the first child of Zari and Diamondnumz was born. Zari’s only child, Latiffah Dangote, will be celebrating her birthday later than usual.

Is Diamond Platnumz rich?

Diamond is one of the highest earning musicians in the African Great Lakes region. There is an estimated net worth of $7 million for Platinum Diamondnumz.

How many baby mamas does Diamond have?

As he turned a year older, his three Baby Mamas didn’t bother to write him a message, as they didn’t think he was old enough.

Did Diamond get married?

Diamond blocked her ex-fiancé from using social media. Diamond is happy on social media.

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