Why Did Mox Diamond Spike?

Mox Diamond is not in a new deck, nor is it in higher demand from people playing the card. The spike is most likely due to people speculating on the Reserved List.

Can you tap Mox Diamond before sacrificing it?

If you can’t pay for discarting, you can’t play Mox Diamond.

Why are reserved list cards spiking?

They both feel safe in their investments. While gold tends to go up when the economy is bad, Reserved List cards go down when the economy is good.

How many lands do you need for MOX diamond?

If you play mox diamond, your spells will be cut down to 31 if you run more than 24 land and 36 spells.

Can you tap Mox Diamond in response?

You won’t get the chance to use abilities that look for something entering the battlefield, and you won’t get the chance to use abilities that look for something in the battlefield.

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Can you tap Mox Diamond in response to its ETB?

If you don’t sacrifice Mox Diamond, you can still tap it in response to its etbtrigger, which will give you mana for it.

Will Wotc get rid of the reserved list?

The Reserved List is not a legal issue and putting pressure on Wizards to take it down is not pointless. They have the ability to take it out. This is an internal decision made by the company and they are not being held back. It is possible to change it.

Will the reserved list go away?

Mark Rosewater, the head designer of Magic: The Gathering, said that the Reserved List will not be abolished.

Is Mana Crypt on the reserved list?

Both of them are expensive cards that are not on the reserved list. The Masterpiece printing probably didn’t add a lot of copies to the market, but it did get the book a couple of times.

Is Mox Diamond an ETB?

That is not the case. It’s a replacement effect that changes the way it plays. You don’t have the ability to respond. The replacement effect of Mox Diamond changes how it comes into play.

Is MOX diamond on the reserved list?

There are four cards from the Reserved List in From the Vault: Relics. The word Masticore is derived from the Latin word msticore. The Mox Diamond is a rough diamond.

Will dual lands ever be reprinted?

They will not be printed again. Commander is the most popular Magic format and they are allowed to play in it. If you want the best lands for your deck, you have to compete against other players for more copies.

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Is the reserved list bad for Magic?

Even though most people agree that the Reserved List is a bad thing for the game of Magic, there isn’t much of a reason to revisit the issues with the list.

Is Gaea’s Cradle on the reserve list?

Mox Diamonds, Moats, Gaea’s Cradles, and Mishra’s Workshops are the most expensive of the Reserved List cards, and Wizards could spend the next several years making lots of money selling them.

Is phyrexian Negator reserved list?

When the Negator is dealt damage, they sacrifice a lot of permanents. There is a reserved list.

Will Sliver Queen ever be reprinted?

The “Reserved List” is a list of cards that will never be printed again. It’s going to be expensive if there isn’t a future reprints or popular tribe.

Why is Mox Opal good?

There is no doubt that Mox Opal is a very bad card. It was designed to be a legendary artifact because of its power level, and it continues to benefit from the continuous printing of low casting artifacts that it could use in an artifact based deck.

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