What’s The Highest Grade Diamond?

Flawless is one of the top grades. Diamonds graded Flawless don’t have visible flaws when looked at under 10X magnification.

Are VVS diamonds the best?

Just shy of the Flawless and Internally Flawless grades, the VVS diamonds are pretty much flawless with a few pinpoints thrown in. It is one of the most expensive diamond clarity grades.

Which is better VVS or VS1?

There is a steep price for the highest clarity grades of diamonds. The quality of the diamond would be the same as that of aVVS diamond.

Are D color diamonds worth it?

The cut quality and carat weight of your diamond are not as important as the D color of your diamond. D color diamonds are rare, not because they are more beautiful than other diamonds, but because they are worth more.

Is VS1 or VS2 better?

A diamond with a magnification of 10x is almost unidentifiable because it has no visible inclusions. The top 5 percent of gems are the diamonds. Less than 5 percent of the time, VS2 diamonds have eye- visible inclusions, which is more common in stones over 1 carats.

Which diamond is best in quality?

What grade is best for diamonds? A flawless diamond has the highest clarity grade of FL. Even if it’s viewed under 10x magnification, a diamond can only be graded as flawless if it doesn’t have any flaws at all.

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What letter is the clearest diamond?

The industry standard is the color-grading scale of the Gemological Institute of America. The scale begins with the letter D and progresses with the appearance of color to the letter Z or light yellow or brown. The range of color appearance is defined by the letter grade.

Which diamond is best?

It’s the highest grade for clarity. There are no flaws in an FL diamond when it is magnified by a professional. The highest grade of diamond is D. The true value of a diamond is determined by the cut.

Why are VVS diamonds so expensive?

Diamonds with less visible inclusions are more expensive than diamonds with more visible ones. All other things being equal, the price of the diamonds will be the same.

How much is a VVS diamond worth?

The price of a well-cut 0.50 Carat diamond like this one from Blue Nile can be as high as $17,132. The price of a diamond is dependent on a number of factors.

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