What Is Diamond Called In Different Languages?

What do you call diamond in other languages?

There is a Polish word that means romb. The Portuguese word for diamante is diamante. The word romb is derived from the Latin word romb. Latin American Spanish is also known as diamante.

What is Greek for diamond?

The word diamond is derived from the Greek word “Adamas” which means unconquerable.

Is diamond a metal or stone?

A diamond is made from pure carbon. It is one of the most popular gemstones. There are a number of industrial applications for diamonds.

What is infinity called in Sanskrit?

Ananta means “not ending” or “limitless”, and it also means “eternal” or “infinity”, which is what Vishnu is.

What is adamas?

The ancient form of diamond is called aant. The English word diamond is derived from the Latin words adamas and diamant. In ancient Greek, “unconquerable, untameable” is what it means.

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Is adamas real?

Adamas doesn’t have a real life equivalent to the Gods in Shuumatsu. Adamas, or Adamant, is a powerful material that was created by Gaia.

What’s lozenge mean?

There is a diamond with four equal sides and two acute angles. Something shaped like a lozenge is the second thing. A small usually sweetened and flavored medicated material that is designed to be held in the mouth for slow dissolution is also known as a demulcent sore throat lozenge.

What is the meaning of D?

It is the fourth letter of the English alphabet.

Is diamond a girl name?

The name diamond comes from the name of the diamond gemstones. The Greek adamas is the origin of the word. The baby girl’s name was the 361st most popular name in the US in 2007.

How do you say beautiful in different languages?

Learning how to say beautiful in a lot of different languages is a great way to express your love of beauty.

What is Pearl called in Sanskrit?


What rock is diamond?

The diamond is very hard to make. It can be found in a type of rock called kimberlite. The chain of carbon atoms that make up the diamond are crystallising.

Is diamond a gem?

Diamonds are similar to gemstones in that they are formed from compounds and elements. Diamonds are formed from a single element, which is high pressured carbon, making them different from other gems.

What is infinity called in Greek?

The Greek word for infinite is apeiron, which literally means infinite.

What does diamond mean in Roman?

The month of March ended on March 30, 2015. April’s birthstone is diamond and it has a very special meaning. The Romans believed that diamonds were the tears of the gods.

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What is a Roman diamond?

There is a man named Roman. The Romans were very fond of diamonds. Techniques for cutting them hadn’t been invented, so they were used in their raw state. India was the only place where diamonds could be found, and only a small number made their way to the Roman world through trade.

Who is the 13th Greek god?

There are 13 things. There is a person named Artemis. Artemis was the god of wildlife and hunting. As a goddess of birth, she assisted the midwives.

Who created the word diamond?

“Diamond” is a Greek word that means “I tame” or “I subdue”. The hardest substance known to men was described in the past with the word adamas. It was a synonym of diamond.

How old is Zeus?

Zeus is able to live because he is a god. He’s over 13 billion years old, making him the oldest god.

Is Adonis a god?

The ancient Greeks believed that the god of beauty and attraction was a man named Adonis. A classic account of jealousy and desire, rejection, and love can be found in the story of the two lovers.

Who do you spell diamond?

Correct spelling is [damnd], [da mnd], and [d_a_m__n_d]

Is Vicks a throat lozenges?

Did you find it hard to express yourself because of sore throat, blocked nose and cough? It is possible to relieve khich-khich, but also blocked nose and cough. You can let your voice be heard with a box pack.

What is lozenge shaped?

A geometric shape with four equal sides and four corners is referred to as linguage. It’s sometimes referred to as a diamond.

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What d1 means?

NCAA Division I is the highest level of intercollegiate athletics in the United States and accepts players from all over the world.

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