What Is Diamond Bank Transfer Code?

What is the transfer code for diamond?

The transfer code for the diamond bank is *426#. The bank has a diamond transfer code that you can use to complete transactions.

How do I transfer from diamond to another bank?

Money can be transferred between access bank accounts and other bank accounts. You can buy airtime for yourself and other people.

How do I register my USSD code for Diamond Bank?

If you dial 4260# on the phone number you use to open your Diamond Bank Account, you will be able to register your pin and follow the other instructions.

How do I activate my Diamond Bank app?

If you want to submit, you need to input your Diamond Debit Card Number and account numbers. You will receive text messages with your User ID and registration code. Click submit if you want to input your User ID and registration code.

How many digit is Diamond bank account number?

You can get the 10-digit NUBAN by using your phone.

Is Diamond Bank mobile app still working?

To give customers adequate time to migrate to the new mobile application, the old Access and Diamond mobile apps will be active until 2022.

How do I transfer Access Bank app?

You can use the access mobile banking app on your phone. Your internet banking password is required to log in. You can transfer the transaction by navigating and selecting it. You can input the account details and amount of the transfer at the bank you choose.

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