What Happens If Diamond Weapon Reaches Midgar?

Are Diamond Weapons optional?

Diamond Weapon can be fought on the world map. In the original Japanese version, Diamond Weapon can’t be fought and its spoil, a weapon for Yuffie, is also dummied, so it’s mandatory to fight it.

When should I fight the ultimate Weapon?

If you defeat Diamond Weapon in the city of Midgar, you can find and defeat Ultimate Weapon, but it is best to leave this battle until later on in the game as it becomes much easier.

How do you beat the Diamond Weapon in ff7?

Diamond Weapon has immunity to physical attacks in the beginning of the battle. The focus should be on using high powered spells. Bolt3 from your Lightning Materia is very effective because of the weakness of the Diamond Weapon.

How much HP does Diamond Weapon have?

The Diamond Weapon is a boss in the game. Sephiroth has released many WEAPONs on the Planet.

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How do you get Shiva Diamond Katana?

Shiva’s Diamond Katana is a level 115 katana and can be used by the Samurai. Level 50 is required to be equipped.

Is a diamond sword practical?

It’s not possible to make a sword shaped object from diamond because it’s too brittle to use effectively. A sword of pure carbon wouldn’t be as effective against a steel blade because it wouldn’t have the mass to be effective. inertia is a good friend in swordplay.

What level should you be to beat Emerald?

They’ll need to be at least 80. You can find more information about how to level your characters in the Leveling Your Characters section. Each character needs 9,999 HP with a minimal amount of HP Plus Materia added.

What is the best sword for Cloud in ff7 remake?

Cloud’s best weapon is the Twin Stinger, which will reach maximum materia capacity without the need to level it up. Cloud will be able to prepare and retaliate with a devastating area of attack burst thanks to the Counterstance ability.

When can you fight Diamond weapon ff7?

The Diamond Weapon is a boss in the game. It is a weapon on the planet. The party has a fight with it as it approaches Midgar.

What does Ruby Weapon drop?

The Ruby Weapon achievement is unlocked when you defeat Ruby Weapon on the PC. The Ruby Render trophy is earned if you do it in the PS4 version. The Desert Rose Ruby Weapon can be traded for a gold chocobo that can be used for access to the four Materia Caves, but it’s not very good for racing.

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How do you get ultimate Weapon?

Lucrecia’s Cave is located behind a waterfall in the Nibel area and can be reached after acquiring a submarine or a Gold Chocobo. During Disc 2, you can go to the cave withVincent. During Disc 3, you can go back to the cave to get the Death Penalty.

How do you beat Emerald Weapon?

If Emerald Weapon’s ultimate weapon is powerful enough, it can be killed in one hit using the Overflow glitch. Overflows to Emerald Weapon is more powerful than any other attack because of Emerald’s one million HP.

Is Diamond Weapon in ff15?

Diamond Weapon was created by Verstael Besithia in the Final Fantasy Universe. It is mentioned in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto, as well as in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV movie. It’s a big part of Aranea Highwind’s chapter in Final Fantasy XV.

Where is the best place to level up in ff7?

The final dungeon of disc 3 is the best place to level up in ff7 and the swamp area in the Northern Crater is the best place to start.

Where do I fight the ultimate weapon?

After you face Diamond Weapon on the coast north of Midgar, you will find Ultimate Weapon hovering over the lake in the Junon Area. Even though it doesn’t seem to care about attacking you or anyone else, go ahead and use the Highwind to initiate combat.

How do you beat the Ultima Weapon in ff8?

There is a strategy to it. Holy War should be used immediately by your party member. Each party member should be able to use a Hero on their own if this item is not available. When everyone is on critical status, immediately cast either Meltdown or Doomtrain.

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How do you get TIFA’s ultimate weapon?

The Premium Heart can be obtained by looking at a machine in an abandoned building that has a sign on it. After Cloud and Tifa return to the party, it is possible to get the Key to Sector 5.

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