What Are Vanilla Diamonds?

Le Vian® designs feature a variety of colors, from breathtaking one-of-a-kind red carpet favored designs inVanilla Gold® to the trendsetting combination of Strawberry ‘N Vanilla® featuring the blushing hue of Strawberry Gold® topped withVanilla Diamonds®.

Are Le Vian diamonds good quality?

Le Vian expects their diamonds to be of the highest quality. Le Vian is so confident in their quality standards that they are willing to repair or replace any piece of jewelry they sell to you, which shows that they believe in their product.

What is Le Vian diamonds?

Le Vian’s brand of brown or golden-hued natural diamonds is called Chocolate Diamonds. The name Chocolate Diamond® will only be given to diamonds that meet Le Vian’s high standards.

Are chocolate diamonds real diamonds?

A chocolate diamond is a real diamond that is brown in color. Le Vian had a trademark on the term “Chocolate” in 2000. The chocolate diamond and the other brown-colored diamonds are the same color.

Is Suzy LeVian the same as LeVian?

The founder of LeVian Corp, Abdulrahim and Pary Levian’s youngest child, is a jewelry designer named Suzy Levian.

What does a chocolate diamond symbolize?

The brown diamond is said to symbolize stability, practicality, and dependability. They can be light or dark. Brown diamonds are ideal for people who are down-to-earth, practical, and good-natured.

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Is vanilla gold real?

A mixture of pure gold and white metals is called white gold. White gold isn’t made completely of gold.

Do diamonds look better in white or yellow gold?

A faint diamond will always have a noticeable color to it. The color is not as bright in white gold or Platinum. The diamonds look very good in yellow gold. It is a matter of preference for K, L, and M grades.

Is platinum better than diamonds?

Platinum falls between 4 and 4.5 on the MOH scale, while diamond falls between 10 and 10. It is clear that diamond is more difficult than Platinum.

Are black diamonds real?

Yes, that is correct! Black diamonds are not fakes. Natural diamonds, Carbonados, and treated black diamonds are found all over the place. Black diamonds are treated with heat to get their color, which is different from natural diamonds.

What are mocha diamonds?

A select group of natural brown diamonds that match Le Vian’s criteria are referred to as Chocolate Diamonds®.

Where is Le Vian jewelry from?

Le Vian jewelers have been selling fine jewelry in Persia for over a century. The Levi tribe is one of the 12 tribes of Israel that were descended from Jacob. Theirs is a story of faith and perseverance.

Why is it called rose gold?

The added metals are used for a few things. The copper and silver add a pink hue to the rose gold.

Are chocolate diamonds poor quality?

What is the value of chocolate diamonds? Chocolate diamonds are one of the least valuable. There are many chocolate diamonds that are opaque in color and have little shine.

Where do LeVian diamonds come from?

Most brown diamonds and other similarly colored stones originate from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia, which is located in the far north of the country.

What does LeVian mean?

The Old English elements of “leof,” which meant “dear” or “beloved,” and “wine,” are what lead to the Levian surname.

Are LeVian diamonds conflict free?

Precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones will not be available from irresponsible sources. TheKimberly Process is what we strictly follow. We are going to source and mine from conflict free regions.

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Is LeVian jewelry real?

Over the years, Le Vian has created an estimated 100,000 original designs as a result of this time and effort. The most exquisite natural fancy-color diamond and gemstone jewelry can be created by Le Vian.

Are pink diamonds real?

The pink diamond is one of the rare colored diamonds, and it’s not like any other colored diamond. Pink diamonds are very valuable because they are rare. A high-quality pink diamond with an intense shade can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What color is a black diamond?

A natural black diamond’s body color can range from near-colorless to brown orolive green. Black diamonds are usually opaque and have a high luster that makes them look metallic.

Who owns LeVian?

Le Vian is owned by the same family. There are many LeVian siblings who are partners in the company. The Manager of New Products is responsible for the new products.

Are brown diamonds more expensive?

Diamonds with vivid colors are the most expensive. Brown diamonds with a yellow hue are more affordable than other types. The brown diamonds are more expensive than the orange ones. The pink-tinted brown diamond is the most expensive of all.

Who is known as white gold?

There are notes about Platinum being a white metal. It doesn’t need to be colored. It’s known as White Gold because of its white appearance.

Why is Indian gold so yellow?

The yellow colour of yellow gold is due to being alloyed with silver and copper. 9ct yellow gold is a lighter yellow colour than 18ct yellow gold, which is a richer yellow colour due to its higher gold content.

What metal looks best with diamonds?

Platinum, palladium, or white gold are white metals that can give you a clear shine. The fire of the diamond will be brought out by bright metals. If you want to warm up your diamond with a classic look, yellow gold is the best choice.

Is D color diamond good?

The cut quality and carat weight of your diamond are not as important as the D color of your diamond. D color diamonds are rare and valuable because they are not as beautiful as other diamonds.

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How do I make my diamond look whiter?

Platinum or white gold is a good choice if you want your diamond to be white and not yellow. Clicking on the images will show you the rings in the videos.

What is more expensive than a diamond?

Diamonds are usually less expensive than emeralds. Fancy colored diamonds are more expensive than emeralds of the same amount of carats.

Which is cheaper diamond or platinum?

Platinum jewellery is more expensive than gold jewellery because of its unique and rare qualities.

Are Red Diamonds real?

Only a very small number of pure red diamonds exist. Most of the diamonds that have been found are less than half a carats. A red diamond’s cost is more than just prestige.

How do you tell if a diamond is real with a flashlight?

If you want to know if a diamond is real, hold the flashlight vertically with the beam shooting up, and place the stone upside down. How the light from the flashlight goes through the stone is something to ponder.

Are colored diamonds real?

Can Colored Diamonds be Natural? Diamonds are all natural and authentic. The rough stones that are found in the mines throughout the world were formed over millions of years from nature’s colors.

Is there a blue diamond?

Natural diamonds that form beneath the earth’s surface are known as blue diamonds. The natural blue color of these diamonds isn’t color-treated or enhanced to get it. The blue diamond’s color is due to the presence of boron in its carbon composition.

What are GREY diamonds?

A gray diamond isn’t the same as a yellow or blue diamond. There are a variety of shades for this diamond. It can be found with either a speckled design or a deep blue hue.

What are Levian diamonds?

What’s the name of chocolate diamonds? Le Vian’s brand of chocolate diamonds is carefully selected for their rich deep colors. The name Chocolate Diamond® will only be given to diamonds that meet Le Vian’s high standards.

What are canary diamonds?

The yellow diamond is the most popular colored diamond in the world. The yellow color is due to the presence of nitrogen. The stone is a yellow shade due to the absorption of blue light by the nitrogen molecule.

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