What Are The Different Markings On Gold Jewelry?

What do the markings on gold mean?

The purity of gold was shown in a piece of gold jewellery by including the mark of the assaying office that certified the gold’s purity. The goldsmith’s name was added to the trademarks that showed the product.

What does 14k 585 mean?

If a gold product bears the hallmark ‘585’, it will be tested and found to be 14 carats or 58.6 per cent pure. The rest of the item is made up of different metals like nickel, copper, or silver.

What does 950 mean on jewelry?

To protect American consumers, a high-content Platinum alloy will be marked, meaning that it is at least 85% pure Platinum. It’s the only Platinum alloy that can be identified by a stamp on its surface.

What does 505 mean on gold?

A percentage of pure gold is 58.5%. People rush to catch the 505 when they are on their way home.

What is 9K gold?

9K gold is a rare metal in the US. Nine-karat gold is a gold alloy with a high percentage of pure gold. In Europe, it is used for jewelry, accessories, and other items made of gold. The amount of pure gold in 9K gold is very low, making it a low quality gold alloy.

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