Is The 10 Million Play Button Real Diamond?

The channels that reach at least 10 million subscribers were given the award. It has a piece of crystal in the shape of a play button triangle and is made of silver- plated metal. 35 channels were included in the award when it was introduced in 2015.

Is the 10 million subscriber plaque real diamond?

The Diamond Play Button is made of silver- plated metal and has a piece of colourless crystal. The award is not made out of metal. There is a custom play button for 50 million subscribers.

Is YouTube gold button real diamond?

It is absolutely true that not. The channels with 100,000 subscribers have a SILVER PLAY BUTTON, the channels with 1 million subscribers have a GOLD PLAY BUTTON, and the channels with 10,000,000 subscribers have a Diamonds PLAY BUTTON.

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Is the Ruby play button real?

The creator award for reaching 50 million subscribers is known as the Custom Play Button. The name suggests that it’s custom made with the channel’s logo and other features, but it doesn’t have a definite shape or color.

Who has the most diamond play buttons?

The channels ‘Felipe Neto’, ‘Luccas Neto – Luccas Toon’ and ‘Canal IN’ are owned by Felipe Neto and Luccas Neto, respectively.

What is Ruby play button?

The Ruby Play Button, which is awarded to YouTubers with over 50 million subscribers, is a custom-made one.

Is the golden play button real gold?

The Golden Play Button was created by a creator. It is delivered to a lot of people. It has the same look as the Silver Play Button, but is slightly larger and made of gold- plated brass.

Can diamonds be casted?

Synthetic gemstones can be directly cast in place. The stones that have been cast in place are not recommended for high production runs due to wide stone variations.

What is Ruby play button made of?

The channels that reach at least 10 million subscribers were given the award. It has a piece of crystal in the shape of a play button triangle and is made of silver- plated metal.

Is there a 100 million play button?

The Red Diamond Play Button is a special award for channels that reach 100 million subscribers.

Did PewDiePie sell the ruby play button?

The diamond play button was given to a fan by the man. Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg explained why he decided to give away his diamond YouTube play button to a fan, even though it was a trophy for his 100 million subscribers.

Who is the richest YouTuber?

Jake Paul is second despite his past scandals, and MrBeast is the new top earning male. Here is the amount of money these celebs made.

Who has 2 Diamond Play Button?

After his second channel amassed over 10 million subscribers,KSI claimed to be the first YouTuber to get two Diamond Play Buttons.

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Who owns the most YouTube Play buttons?

Welsh earned the Guinness World Records title for the most YouTube channels with over 100,000 subscribers owned by a single person.

Who was the first YouTuber to get 100 million subscribers?

Felix Kjellberg, also known as “PewDiePie”, is the first solo creator to reach 100 million subscribers on the red platform thanks to his engaging and authentic content.

Who got diamond play button in India?

The 1st Indian educationist to earn a YouTube Diamond Play Button is a man named Antonin Ara. People can’t tell me what I should do. If I fall, I will not blame anyone. The first Indian teacher to break multiple records is Arvind Arora.

How much is a Diamond Play Button worth?

Every big milestone, including the Silver Play Button for 100,000 subscribers, the Gold Play Button for a million, the Diamond for 10 million and the Custom Play Button for 50 million, has been marked by a special plaque from the site. Click on the answer to see it in its entirety.

Can you melt diamonds to make a bigger one?

They can’t be melted, Glued, or compressed. It is like that when a diamond is created or broken. You can either have a broken diamond recut into a newer, smaller diamond or you can take a hammer and smash the rest of the stone.

How long has PewDiePie been #1?

On August 15, 2013, Smosh’s number one position on the internet was taken by PewDiePie. He was the first to reach 15 million subscribers on the video sharing site.

Can you buy a play button?

Can I purchase a button on the video sharing site? The owners of the buttons themselves put them up for sale and the answer is no.

Which is the last play button?

The people who hit 100k subscribers will get a silver play button. The people who hit 10 million subscribers will get a diamond play button.

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Who hit 10 million subscribers first?

Are you talking about Superman? Smosh reached 10 million subscribers on Tuesday morning, becoming the first channel to do so on the video sharing website.

Is there a YouTube video with 1 trillion views?

Chris is the son of Chris Scullion. A combined total of 1 trillion views has been achieved by the videos on YouTube about the game.

Why is T-Series so popular?

T-Series is one of the largest multimedia companies in India. Music companies and company-owned channels are more popular than individual content creators, which is one of the reasons T-Series is successful. Music and company owned channels are included.

How many real subscribers does T-Series have?

T-Series owns and operates the most-viewed and most-subscribed channels on the internet, with over 200 million subscribers and over 180 billion views on the internet.

Did PewDiePie give away his 50 million play button?

It is not possible to say yes. He did not sell his play button. He was making a joke when he said he would sell the play button.

How do YouTubers get paid?

How do you make money on the internet? According to data from Forbes, the top YouTube earners make 50% of their income from ads. Once you create a YouTube channel, you can setup an AdSense account and monetize it. You only get paid when you reach a certain amount in your account.

How much are 1 million YouTube views worth?

What is the worth of 1 million views on the site? If you use ads in your videos, the average pay will be between $2,000 and $3,000.

Who is the richest girl YouTuber?

Let’s clear the air. Lilly Singh has a net worth that is said to be in the region of fifteen million dollars.

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