Is Jewelry Bonney Kuma’s Daughter?

That is the reason they worked together on this mission. The reason why the Revolutionary Army wanted to work with Bonney was because they already knew that she was the daughter of Kuma.

Is Jewelry Bonney Kuma’s mother?

After Kuma defected, Bonney became a pirate and was able to track him down and bring him home. Bonney is the daughter of Conney.

Is Jewelry Bonney related to ACE?

Bonney’s mother is from south blue, while Ace’s mother is from north blue. She was in Baterilla at the time of her baby’s birth. Garp went to the island to take Ace from her.

Is Jewelry Bonney related to Kuma?

She is the queen of the dessert kingdom. She took her place at the Revire to save her father. It is possible that they are unrelated. The world government says that the Sorbet Kingdom was taken over by force and ruled with terror.

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