Is Diamond Vogel Paint Good?

When my mother-in-law opened the first can of paint, she exclaimed that itcovers really well. I was aware that we had gotten some good quality stuff. She was impressed by how well the paint held up.

Where is Diamond Vogel Paint made?

The Diamond Vogel Paint trademark was created in 1967. There are five manufacturing plants and 80 company-owned stores in 12 Midwestern states for the company, which makes architectural, industrial and specialty coating.

Is ppg good house paint?

If you’re looking for great interior paints that can be tinted in a variety of gorgeous paint colors, look no further than the great ones like the PPG Diamond, and the Manor Hall.

Who owns Diamond Vogel?

There was a need for high-quality paint to coat northwest Iowa’s creameries, which led to the creation of the Vogel Paint Company. He started making paints for the home and industry.

Is PPG Diamond a good paint?

It’s great for damp rooms and areas, but it’s also very cheap. The paint I used to paint my bathroom was called PPG Diamond and is well-suited for it. If you want to make your powder room look better, this is the way to go.

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What type of paint is PPG diamond?

A smooth finish is provided by the improved Diamond Interior 100%Acrylic Paint + Primer.

Is PPG diamond paint latex?

There are 20 left. There is an add to cart for 20. Diamond 350 Interior Latex is a premium wall and trim finish that has an excellent one coat hide in most colors.

What brand of paint do professional painters use?

Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams are two of the best brands on the market and are often chosen by painting contractors. These paints have been used by professional painters for a long time.

What is the most durable paint?

It’s best to use semi-gloss and gloss paints in kitchens and bathroom because they can take a good scrubbing without rubbing off.

What brand is PPG paint?

The full line of interior, exterior, and specialty paints is designed to solve any paint problem, and is offered by the Pittsburgh Paints and Pittsburgh Paints brands. The power of the world’s leading coating company is behind the new paint from PPG.

What paint brands are owned by PPG?

GLIDDEN, FLOOD, LIQUID NAILS, SICO and CIL are just a few of the leading brands that were acquired by PPG.

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