In What Ways According To Jared Diamond Did Geography Favor Europeans?

The Europeans are known as the “accidental conquerors”. The Europeans were the first to acquire guns, germs, and steel because of their geographical location.

What does Jared Diamond say about the importance of geography?

Some countries were able to expand and conquer the world because of geographic luck, according to a theory byJared Diamond.

What is Jared Diamond’s theory of geographic luck?

Some regions have an early advantage in agriculture because of the natural resources that are available to them, according to a theory byJared Diamond. You just studied a bunch of terms.

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What is Jared Diamond’s conclusion about European conquest?

From the end of the Ice Age, geography made it possible for different societies to develop at different speeds. Maybe Yali’s people could have conquered the world if they’d had all the advantages of Europeans.

How did disease allow Europeans to conquer the native populations in the Americas and in the African cape?

There are three. The Europeans were able to conquer the native populations of the Americas and the African cape because of disease. Europeans introduced germs that the populations had never been exposed to.

What does environmental determinism mean in human geography?

Environmental determinism asserts that physical geographic features such as climate and terrain exert a strong and unmediated influence on human affairs, although it doesn’t need to be and usually isn’t.

What is Jared Diamonds explanation for why the Spanish had advanced to steel swords while Incas were still making tools and weapons from bronze?

Why did the Spanish advance to steel swords when the Inca’s were still making tools and weapons from bronze? The 7,000 years of metal technology that had been developed in the Fertile Crescent were passed on to Europe.

What is the focus of Jared Diamond’s research what questions is he trying to answer?

The author of the book has spent the majority of his career trying to understand why different human civilization developed in different ways. The book will try to figure out why certain societies became powerful and dominant while others didn’t.

How did geographic luck affect the way the world developed?

Europe was able to conquer a lot of the world because of geographical luck. Europeans spent time coming up with new ideas rather than gathering food. They were able to develop immunity to diseases such as smallpox.

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Do you agree with Jared Diamond when he says of a civilizations ability to gain power wealth and strength?

“What’s more important is the hand that people have been dealt, the raw materials they’ve had at their disposal, and that’s what the ability to gain power, wealth, and strength of a civilization is all about.” Why didn’t they do it? I think so.

What would Jared Diamond claim as the reason for the Boers victory?

The roots of European triumph can be traced back thousands of years, according to Diamond. Europeans were able to develop guns, germs and steel because of geography, which gave them the most productive crops and animals.

Why was the geography of Eurasia perfect for civilization?

The advantage of being spread out in an east-west direction is that crops, animals, ideas and technologies can be spread between areas of similar latitude.

What is Jared Diamonds thesis?

A professor at the University of California, Los Angeles has written a thesis about why European countries dominated in the 17th century. The thesis tries to explain why the civilizations of the region have been able to survive.

What is the process used to domesticate crops and create plants that yielded bigger?

People have been farming for a long time. Plants that yielded bigger, tastier harvests were created through the process of domestication. The selection is made using artificial intelligence.

What was great about the Fertile Crescent?

Some of the earliest human civilizations were found in the Fertile Crescent. The area was home to a number of technological innovations, including writing, the wheel, and the use of irrigation.

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What does Diamond think helped them the most in developing those factors?

What did Diamond do to help them develop those factors? Diamond thinks that the europeans were able to conquer the world because of their luck and having crops and livestock.

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