How Much More Is Diamond Kote?

On top of their average cost of $7 to $14.50 per square foot, Diamond Kote’s average cost is an extra $1.75-$3.15 per square foot.

Is Diamond Kote siding worth it?

Diamond Kote is a low maintenance product that resists the build up of dirt and grime. It’s easy to clean, and the finish is durable, which reduces maintenance costs and labor.

What is the difference between Diamond Kote and LP SmartSide?

A custom color option is available for the LP Smart Side siding, which has over 30 colors to choose from. The long- lasting beauty of your siding is guaranteed by a 30-year, No-Fade Warranty.

Is LP SmartSide worth the money?

It’s an excellent siding choice for efficiency and looks, and there are a few drawbacks to it. A siding contractor will be able to help you install it.

Does LP smart siding increase home value?

Adding a fresh appearance, low maintenance and energy efficiency are some of the things that vinyl siding can do to increase a home’s value. A vinyl siding upgrade will increase a home’s value by 63 percent.

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Can you paint over Diamond Kote?

Paint can only be used on pre- finished products. We can’t say that Diamond Kote® touch-up paint will perform as well on products that aren’t pre-finished. The bare area should only be painted with paint. Do not apply paint to something that isn’t already painted.

What is Diamond Kote made of?

All products are made with wood that has been grown and gathered. All binding agents and resins are not harmful to the environment.

What material is Diamond Kote?

Our products are built on an engineered wood product that has been treated with a SmartGuard process to resist extreme temperatures, humidity, and freeze/thaws.

Is LP SmartSide being discontinued?

She said that the company decided to stop production of fiber-based siding in the US by the end of 2020 due to declining sales.

What was the problem with LP siding?

There was a 25-year warranty on the Inner- Seal siding. In a lot of cases, the siding rotted. The siding was alleged to have grown fungi. South Florida was devastated by Hurricane Andrew in 1992, and the product’s instability was obvious.

How long does LP SmartSide last?

You can protect your home with both vinyl siding andLP Smart Side. Both products will last for at least 20 years with no need for maintenance.

What is better than hardiplank?

The information on the advantages of the product was passed to the homeowners by the contractors after they believed in it.

How many pieces of 8 LP siding are in a square?

Both of the sizes are 16 feet long. It will take 11 pieces of 8 inch lap to cover 100 square feet. A 2,000 sq ft house would need two hundred pieces. It will take 15 pieces to cover 100 sq ft with a 6 inch lap.

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What is better than hardiplank?

The information on the advantages of the product was passed to the homeowners by the contractors after they believed in it.

Does LP smart siding fade?

The limited warranty of the SmartSide ExpertFinish protects against a number of paint related problems. There is a myth that hot sun can cause siding to melt.

What is Diamond Kote?

Diamond Kote has created a clear, liquidnanoceramic coating that bonds to your car’s surface. It has a 9H hardness after curing, which makes it an extremely strong, durable glass shield that is resistant to a lot of things.

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