How Many Diamond Singles Does Katy Perry Have?

This triple Diamond milestone is engraved in our program’s history because of the singular track record ofKaty. Only 14 songs have earned Diamond status to date, and only three of them have been owned by the same person.

How many diamond singles are there?

If a song has moved at least 10 million equivalent units by combining sales and streaming numbers, and if an artist or label requests certification, the diamond award is rarely awarded. Only a small number of songs have been certified diamond by the RIAA.

What artists have 3 diamond singles?

It’s the first time that a woman rapper has three diamond single certifications, and she’s the only one of them to do it by herself.

How many Diamond albums Does Katy Perry have?

Only 14 songs have earned Diamond status to date, and only three of them are owned by the same person. There are 21 songs that have achieved RIAA certification and three studio albums that have been certified Platinum or multi-Platinum.

Does Drake have a diamond album?

Drake does not yet have a Diamond album, but his single “God’s Plan” did reach 10 million copies.

Does Cardi B have a diamond record?

A new honor for Bronx-born rapper and entertainer,Cardi B! Less than three weeks after becoming the first female rapper to score two diamond (10 million units sold) certified records, she broke her own record by obtaining another diamond record.

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