How Many Diamond Get In Weekly Membership?

The price for weekly membership of Garena Free Firee is around Rs. 159 is a good number. There are 450 diamonds out of which 100 are immediately transferred to the account and 350 are allotted as daily check-in.

How many diamonds we get in weekly membership first time?

50 diamonds can be claimed per day for seven days. There are two things. If you subscribe for the first time, you can receive 100 bonus diamonds.

What is S VIP card in free fire?

How to get, cost, and membership benefits are revealed in the S-VIP badges. There are options for membership in Free Fire. Daily diamonds are included in the perks until they are active. Each of the memberships has its own badges, including W, M, and S.

What is my Free Fire redeem code?

Today’s Garena Free Fire Code is 8822DA8XFCPDW. It can be used on your mobile device to get new features in your game.

How do you get Free Fire MAX Diamond?

If you want to earn real money and get free diamonds in Free Fire MAX, you should use the GOOGLE OPINION WARDS app. It’s free to download and comes with an easy to learn interface. The application can be downloaded and used to answer surveys that are sent to them.

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Do top up in Free Fire?

Go to the in-game store if you want to play the game. There is a diamond icon at the top of the screen. There are several top-up options once you have done that. Players can choose how much they want to spend in the game.

What level does Free Fire end?

The highest level of the game is 100. According to the developers of Garena Free Fire game, there are many levels in the game. The 100th level has not been reached by an expert player.

How do you get a free monthly membership on Free Fire?

The first thing players need to do is open Free Fire and click on a Membership Icon. There are two types of memberships that show up.

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