How Good Is Diamond 3?

Diamond III is considered to be a good rank. Diamond III players are ranked in the top six percent of all players. If you become a champ player, you are doing a lot of things right.

Is Plat 3 a good rank Valorant?

It means that you have the skills to beat most of the players. It’s not hard to get a rank, you just need to win a few games in Gold to get it.

Is Plat 1 GOOD Rocket League?

Is Platinum an excellent rank? Platinum I is a decent rank. Platinum players are ranked in the top 49,71% of all players. Half the players who play Rocket League are ranked, so if you are in this rank, you are better than most of them.

Is Diamond 1 GOOD Rocket League?

Do you think Diamond is a good rank? Diamond I is where you begin to meet players that are really good. Diamond I players are in the top 17 percent of all players.

What rank is TenZ?

The first player from the North American region to achieve this rank was TenZ. Within two days of being introduced to the region, he becomes a rank. He worked his way up to traitor after calibrating his rank.

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What is the hardest rank to get out of in Valorant?

Most of the players are stuck in Silver according to the rank distribution. Silver has the most players of any rank. The stat shows that Silver may be the toughest rank to escape.

Is Platinum low ELO in Valorant?

Platinum 1 is the lowest ranked Platinum division. That isn’t something to be ashamed of. You’re one of the top 15% of players. You are more likely to be better than seven other players on the planet.

Is Plat 2 good in r6?

You can’t be put into this rank right away. Platinum players can beat anywhere from 69.2% to 90.6% of the other players they face in ranked.

Is Diamond 1 a good rank Valorant?

Diamond Rank in Valorant is good or bad? If you make it to Diamond, you are better than most of the other players.

Why is Silver so hard Valorant?

There is a way to get out of silver. smurfs and higher skilled players filling the lower queue makes it difficult to get out of Silver. One of the easiest ways to beat the smurfs is by using strong weapons that are hard to counter.

Is Gold 1 good in Valorant?

Gold 1 is the lowest rank in the Gold division. That isn’t something to be ashamed of. The majority of the players are below Gold. You are more likely to be better than every five players on the planet.

What is the average RL rank?

Gold 3 in 1V1, 3V3 and Platinum 1 in 2v2 are the most popular rank in the game. The top half of the players are represented by this rank.

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Is Platinum 3 a good rank Rocket League?

Do you think Platinum III is a good rank? Platinum III is on the right side of the spectrum. The Silver I players are in the top 25% of all players. A good player can be found in players who occupy this rank.

Is Diamond 2 GOOD Rocket League?

Diamond II is an excellent rank. It’s not great, or even close to the heights of the pro players respective ranks. skill and dedication are required to achieve this rank. Diamond I players are ranked in the top 81.8% of all players.

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