How Do You Get Apex Diamond?

Is getting to diamond in Apex hard?

It isn’t broken, but is incredibly harder. There is no difference in the skill level between bronze and low plat. Diamond is where the real games begin and where a lot of players realize they aren’t as good as they think they are.

Can Diamond players play with gold apex?

The highest tier achieved is used to place a party. Players above Platinum are not allowed to queue with players below them. Platinum players are only allowed to play with Diamond and Gold players.

What percent of Apex players make diamond?

It is not easy to reach the top end of the rankings. There was a significant increase in the number of players in the highest three ranks.

Who is the best Apex player?

Brandon “Aceu” Winn has been playing the game for a long time and is one of the best players in the game. He was a part of the team that helped build the NRG name. Aceu became a fan favorite because of his top placement in the early events of the game.

How many active Apex players are there?

We estimate that there are around 100 million players in the world. Only 10% of the players play every day. It’s safe to say that there are around 10 million players every single day in the game.

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Can Silver play with plat apex?

Only Bronze, Silver, and Gold tier players are allowed to queue. Only Silver, Gold, and Platinum tier players are allowed to queue. There are exceptions to the Platinum tier, which only allows queueing with Gold and Platinum players.

Can you solo queue in Apex?

If you were hoping for an enduring solo mode, you’re not going to get it. A “no fill” solo queue option will be introduced in the game, which will be released on March 9th.

Will solos come to Apex?

The game does not currently have a solo mode. Since the Iron Crown event from the second season of the game, players have been begging for it to be brought back.

Is getting Apex Predator hard?

Is getting a predator difficult? It takes a long time to become an anpex predator. Eliminate 5 players every time and win every match in order to get to Predator status.

Can you fall out of Plat in Apex?

Is it possible for me to lose my ranking? No matter how many losses you have, you cannot drop from one tier to another. If you start the Series in Platinum, you will finish it in Platinum. Your ranking can go up or down depending on the divisions within a tier.

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