How Do You Get A Purple Diamond In The Cold War?

Just like how you’d need to get 5 assault rifle gold skins for an XM4 to get its diamond skin in Multiplayer, you’d need to get the Golden Viper camo for 5 assault rifles to get the purple diamond camo.

What is the rarest camo in Cold War?

The Dark Matter camo is one of the best camos for guns. If you know what to do in order to get this rare camo, you will be able to make your weapons look even better.

Is plague diamond pink or purple?

Plague Diamond is the zombies equivalent of the Diamond camouflage from Multiplayer, which is why it is called Plague Diamond. To get it, you have to unlocked the Golden Viper camouflage for a number of weapons. It’s a recolor of the camouflage.

How do you get a Damascus gun?

Damascus camo is unlocked by achieving every other camouflage in the game for each weapon, which means gold on all 39 guns. Damascus camo has an aura of significance because it looks awesome when you have a gun.

Can I pay for DM Ultra?

Is it possible to buy the Ultra Camo in Cold War? There is a website where you can buy everything you need for Cold War. The boosters are pro call of duty veterans that can help you out even if it’s not easy.

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Can you use DLC guns to get diamond in cold war?

You have to get gold on all of the base weapons in the class to get Diamond.

How do you get a diamond gun?

To get Diamond camos, a certain number of weapons must be unlocked. As more guns are added to the game, players will be able to wait for a new gun to come out if they don’t want to get Gold for a certain weapon.

How do you get a golden gun in the Cold War?

The camo needs to be unlocked for a single weapon in order to be unlocked. Each weapon in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War will have its own achievements.

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