Does Eminem Albums Diamond?

His place as one of the most accomplished artists in history is solidified by the RIAA Diamond awards he has received. Today’s 73.5 million new award units brings the career total of the artist to 227.5 million.

Which Eminem album went diamond?

This is the first time that an artist has made history as the most certified artist for singles in a program. Marshall’s third album, ‘Curtain Call: The Hits,’ was certified as a diamond album.

Does Eminem have any Diamond songs?

There are fifteen. “Lose yourself” is a song by the artist Emmitt. “Lose Yourself” is a diamond.

Does Eminem Show Diamond?

On March 7, 2011, the album was certified Diamond by the RIAA for shipping 10 million copies, making it the second album to receive a Diamond certification in the US.

Is every Eminem album platinum?

The artist has sold 154 million albums and singles in the US. He has ten number one albums in his home country.

How many #1 does Eminem have?

There have been 22 top 10 hits on the Hot 100 and five of them have reached the top spot.

Which rapper has the most diamond?

There are 166 million single certifications and 61.5 million album certifications that make up the RIAA career total for the man. He has six RIAA Diamond awards.

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Did Tupac go diamond?

The 1996 double album is a diamond. The eyes and ears of the man are still there. Ten million copies of the classic album have been sold after it was certified diamond by the RIAA.

How many rapper went diamond?

Only seven hip hop records have reached Diamond status, which means they have sold at least 10 million albums in the US. Jay Z, Drake, and Dr. Dre are just a few of the artists who haven’t reached this milestone in their careers.

Did juice WRLD go diamond?

According to the RIAA, JuicewrLD’s single “Lucid Dreams” has reached Diamond certification after selling more than 10 million copies.

Does Eminem Have a Double diamond album?

“Love The Way You Lie” is one of three Diamond singles by Em. Both of them are called “Not Afraid” and “Riri”. He has two Diamond certified albums that are still beyond the reach of other MCs.

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