Does Diamond Platnumz Has A Twin Brother?

Diamond does not have a twin brother according to him.

Who is the first born of Diamond Platnumz?

It’s possible because the first one is here. I knew she was my first child until recently, when she was hidden from me by her mother. I was told that I have another child that is older than the one I have with Latifah.

Is harmonize related to diamond?

Rajab Abdul Kahali has come out to address the reason for his departure from the WCB Wasafi record label.

Is Queen Darleen diamond sister?

Queen Darleen, the step- sister of Diamondnumz, has denied that she was rushed into marriage because she is pregnant.

Is Queen darling Diamond sister?

Queen Darleen, also known as Mwanahawa Abdul, is the newest mother after giving birth to a daughter with her husband.

Is Queen Darleen sister to Diamond Platnumz?

Queen Darleen, the step- sister of Diamondnumz, is no longer a member of the singles club.

Who is the wife of Diamond Platnumz?

The wife of a music star dumps on a day.

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