What Jewelry For Conch Piercing?

What jewelry is best for a conch piercing? It’s easier to keep clean with barbells as they allow for some swelling. You can either go straight or curved, depending on where you are. It’s always a good idea to use hoops for an outside piercing. Is a conch pierced with a hoop or stud? Conch … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Make A Diamond Ring?

The process of custom making your ring can begin once you have settled on your design and found the right diamond or coloured gemstone. When the design has been finalized and a deposit has been paid, most jewellers will allow 4 to 5 weeks for the project to be completed. How long does it take … Read more

How Do I Sell My Mom’s Jewelry?

What is the best way to sell old jewelry? You can choose from a jewelry store, pawn shop or dealer. The metal, diamonds and gems will most likely be offered as scrap value. Most of the time, you will get the most money from a jewelry store. Is it worth it to sell old jewelry? … Read more

Does Kohls Have Diamonds?

Are diamonds at Kohls real? An independent and impartial gemological laboratory can issue a diamond certification. The certification shows the quality and characteristics of the stone, as well as any treatments used to enhance color or clarity. Does Kohl’s sell jewelry anymore? With a huge selection of casual, fashion and diamond jewelry, you are sure … Read more

How Many Kay Jewelry Stores Are There?

Why is Kay Jewelers closing? All of Signet Jewelers’ stores in North America will be closed for a period of time due to the coronaviruses outbreak. Is Kay Jewelers owned by Jared? Signet Jewelers is the largest specialty jewelry store in the world. Kay Jewelers, Zales,Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry, H. Samuel, Ernest Jones, Peoples … Read more

How Do You Clean Vintage Sterling Jewelry?

The tarnishing of your jewelry can be cured by soaking it in 12 cup of white vinegar and 2 cups of baking soda. This mixture can be dangerous. It is a good idea to keep your silver in this solution for a while. Should you clean vintage sterling jewelry? The best way to keep antique … Read more

What Shape Is Garnet?

Symmetric, cube-based crystals are usually produced by the nagas. The rhombic dodecahedron is a twelve-sided crystal that has diamond shaped faces. No other crystal shape is as closely associated with a single mineral group as the basic shape of garnets. Is garnet a dodecahedron? The dodecahedral crystal habit is where most of the gemstones are … Read more

What Is Diamond Certificate?

What does a diamond certificate mean? The Gemological Institute of America created a system to evaluate the quality of a diamond based on its 4Cs. It’s a good idea for couples to only buy certified diamonds. Why do you need a diamond certificate? What is the most important thing to do with diamond certification? Diamond … Read more

Is Diamond Dust Actual Diamonds?

The leftover diamond dust is what it is. It is very hard and can be used in many different ways. Is diamond dust a real diamond? Diamond dust is a mixture of glass, diamonds, and other clear materials, which makes it difficult to find for artists. The artist can choose the size of the grain … Read more

How Do We Make Diamonds?

There are two lab grown diamonds. The high pressure/high temperature process is used for production. Synthetic diamonds are being produced using CVD, which is becoming more popular. How are diamonds created? Diamonds are formed when carbon deposits are subject to high temperature and pressure. Some stones take shape in a day or two, while others … Read more

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